Group Ski Lessons

Novice, intermediate, or expert?

Our ski lessons will give you everything you need to learn, improve, or fine-tune your technique.

Evolution 2 Ski

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert it’s well worth considering a few ski lessons to improve or fine-tune your technique.

Mountain Base works closely with Evolution 2, an award winning ski school that’s fast becoming one of the most respected in the French Alps.

Group ski lessons are great fun and a really good way to meet new people of a similar standard - click here for more information

Handy Hints from Mountain Base:
  • Morning ski lessons leave you free to ski with friends in the afternoon and to practice the new skills you've just learned.
  • Book your ski lesson before you arrive in resort to be sure of availability - we're happy to answer any questions to make sure you get the best option for you.
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Group ski lessons are the ideal way to get your holiday off to a great start - you'll improve your confidence and technique whilst having fun with people of a similar standard to yourself.

The Ecole du Ski Français (ESF) is the largest ski school in the world with 2,000,000 pupils taking 800,000 tests every year. Teaching methods have moved on over the years from struggling to keep up with a rocket in a red jacket who glances back to shout "bend zee knees" at each turn.

Your ESF ski instructor will take the time to focus on the needs of each member of the group to ensure that you all come away having made progress and had fun.

Handy hints from Mountain Base
  • Make sure to collect your group lesson card before the lesson from the Maison de la Montagne in the centre of Chamonix
  • There are many price options offering the choice of one day up to six days – download the price list to the right for full details
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Prices : Group Ski Lessons
60€ ½ day (4 hours)
157€ 4 consecutive ½ days
200€ 6 consecutive ½ days

Off-Piste & Freeride

Chamonix is a mecca for off-piste skiing and is world-famous for its fantastic backcountry terrain. If you’re happy on red and black runs and are up for an adventure, then you have the skills required to enjoy skiing off-piste.

Working with our partners, Chamonix Experience and Evolution2, you'll be in the care of an experience and qualified instructor. All of the guides we work with are English/French speaking and highly professional, with detailed knowledge of the incredible Chamonix ski area.

We offer a number of courses that will take you from piste-hugger to powder-lover, transforming your technique and equipping you with the skills needed to stay safe in glacial and avalanche terrain.

Off-Piste Clinic: If you are new to off-piste and need to brush up your skills then this is a great session for you.
Our instructors will take you safely off-piste and teach you how to master the conditions of the moment, improve your technique and make the most of your stay. Off-piste is not just about powder so expect some gullies, moguls and hard pack too. This is a four hour course run by Evolution2, group sizes are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Chamex-Plore: Specially designed to take you on the best off piste runs in and around Chamonix, this course will introduce you to classic itineraries such as the Pas de Chevre at Les Grands Montets, Pré du Rocher from the Plan de l'Aiguille du Midi, Glacier de Toule in Courmayeur  and, of course, the legendary Vallée Blanche. This is a 3 day course run by Chamonix Experience, your guide will plan the course according to your level of skiing and of those in your group.

Off-Piste Skiing Performance: This course is designed to transform your off-piste skiing from good to excellent. You will have tuition from an internationally qualified UIAGM guide and European qualified ski instructor. The aim of the course is to improve your off-piste ski technique, ski as many of the best descents as possible and to improve your avalanche awareness skills. Every day your guide will choose the area offering the best off-piste skiing conditions possible. This is a 5 day course run by Chamonix Experience, you will need to have a good standard of skiing and fitness to take part.

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Handy Hints from Mountain Base
  • You cannot come to Chamonix and not sample our amazing off piste! However, the Chamonix back country is steep, deep and sometimes dangerous. Learning how to read the terrain and handle the conditions is essential.
  • Be honest about your skills! Your instructor will find out very quickly if you have "elaborated" on your level of experience, be truthful so that they can plan a route that is best suited to your standard. You'll enjoy it more and it won't be quite so embarrassing.

Vallée Blanche

If you haven’t already heard, Chamonix is home to the world’s most famous off-piste ski descent. Prepare for the experience of a lifetime with a half or full day off-piste course, followed by a guided descent of the mythical Vallée Blanche.

Beginning at a dizzying 3,812 metres at the top of the Aiguille du Midi and finishing (conditions permitting) in the centre of Chamonix, the route spans an unrivalled 23km of descent.

Before you start you must navigate a steep arête with a large drop off on one side. It’s a bit daunting at first but your guide will make sure you won’t have a problem with it. After this little challenge, you can look forward to spectacular high-mountain scenery, powder turns, imposing jagged peaks, head-turning seracs, deep crevasses, and the often eerie sounds that this glacial terrain delivers. 

It may be a cliché, but the Vallée Blanche is genuinely an experience you will never forget. Given its high mountain setting, it is not without its dangers and should never be attempted without one of our qualified, highly experienced guides. They’ll make sure that you’re making your friends jealous for years to come!

Half Day Vallée Blanche Clinic: Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime with a half day off-piste refresher course followed by a full day descent of the legendary Vallée Blanche. You'll spend 4 hours with a fully qualified instructor on the high altitude off-piste terrain at Les Grands Montets, practising skills that will stand you in good stead on the glacier. The following day you will meet your guide at the foot of the Aiguille du Midi cable car, you will be given safety equipment for the day and roped up ready to step out on to the famous arete. Once on the Vallée Blanche you will be guided safely down, stopping for a picnic lunch amongst the magnificent peaks of the Massif du Mont Blanc.

Full Day Vallée Blanche Clinic: Immerse yourself in this full day off-piste ski course and learn all the skills necessary to handle whatever off-piste terrain that you may encounter on a glacier. After your full day of off-piste instruction you'll have a rest day when you can choose whether to practise what you've learned or to give your legs some respite; then the day after you'll rope up, edge your way down the famous arete and ski the entirety of the Vallée Blanche with your guide. The course runs each Tuesday and you'll ski the Vallée Blanche on Thursday, with the option of Saturday if the weather is an issue.

Handy hints from Mountain Base
  • Don’t forget water, sunscreen and a packed lunch for your Vallée Blanche descent – it can take a good 4 to 5 hours.
  • Charge your camera the night before – you don’t want to miss this photo opportunity!
  • If you don't already have the Mont Blanc Unlimited lift pass then make sure you buy your Aiguille du Midi cable car ticket the day before. Queues are common first thing in the morning and you will have to meet your guide at a scheduled time.

Ski Touring

Set off into the serenity of the Chamonix backcountry and experience the adventure of ski touring in one of the most beautiful terrains in the world with a course lead by professional mountain guides and ski instructors.

If you want to experience the adventure of a ski tour and feel the exhilaration of riding different types of snow, then our partners at Chamonix Experience and Evolution 2 are the perfect people to take you on a group ski tour for one to five days.

Chamonix is a mecca for ski touring as there’s so much incredible terrain that’s readily accessible with the right knowledge and equipment. Whether you’re an expert or complete novice, our ski touring packages will help you reach remote mountain passes where you’ll be in powder-field heaven.

All of the guides we work with are English/French speaking and highly professional, with detailed knowledge of the magic that Chamonix offers. We offer 3 different experiences, or feel free to contact us with specific questions as we can always tailor a trip to suit you.

Initiation Day: For energetic skiers who love the idea of setting off on an adventure, this initiation day will give you a real taste of ski touring. Your guide will introduce you to the basics and take you on a short tour with an ascent that won't have you begging for a ski lift! This initiation will that ensure you learn the ropes safely and have an amazing experience that will leave you wanting more.

2 Day Introduction: Develop your skills, knowledge and confidence with a 2 day course that will take you from the basics to completing a full day ski tour with an ascent of around 600m. You'll need to already have competent off-piste skiing skills and a reasonable level of fitness.

5 Day Course: A thorough grounding in the skills needed for ski touring in a high mountain environment, ideal preparation for multi-day ski tours such as the Haute Route. You will learn how to use skins and couteaux (crampons for skis) and how to traverse steep terrain, as well as learn avalanche awareness and crevasse rescue skills. You will spend one night in a mountain hut – no ski touring experience is complete without a pre-dawn start high in the mountains, watching the sunrise.

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Handy hints from Mountain Base
  • Pack a good lunch, you'll need the energy! Chocolate, nuts, dried fruit and energy bars are all easy to carry and will keep you on the move.
  • Remember to stay hydrated as well, a "Camelbak" is a great idea so that you can keep sipping without having to fiddle with water bottles.
  • Dress smart and layer up - you'll get hot on the ascent so make sure you have thin base layers and light gloves for when you're skinning up. Have proper ski gloves and warm outer layers in your bag for the descents and any rest stops.

All Mountain Course

So, you've mastered the pistes and now you want to venture off-piste into the legendary Chamonix back-country.

Learn how to handle all types of terrain from deep powder to icy moguls with our All Mountain Course. A qualified off-piste instructor will take you on a variety of slopes and into different snow conditions, giving you invaluable tips on how to improve your technique. Once you've done this you'll be ready for anything!

The All Mountain Course runs over 3 days of 3:45 hours each, either morning or afternoon. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 to ensure that you get the most out of your course.

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Handy Hints from Mountain Base
  • Your instructor will adapt the course each time to take weather and snow conditions into account so, even if you've done something similar before, you're guaranteed to pick up new skills!
  • Put your new-found skills to great use with a trip down the Vallée Blanche! 22kms of off piste over glacier with spectacular views, offering you a mind blowing day out.