Trail Running
in Chamonix

Chamonix has embraced trail running wholeheartedly, with incredible itineraries and some of the world's most spectacular events.

Come and join us to explore one of the best trail running destinations on the planet.

Chamonix Trail Running

Chamonix is one of the world’s finest trail running destinations, attracting legendary athletes such as Kilian Jornet, Scott Jurek and Lizzie Hawker.

Pounding along high altitude trails, weaving through dense forests, traversing stunning mountain ridges, climbing to the top of a mountain to catch your breath whilst looking across at the sun glistening on Mont Blanc.

We get the pleasure of running here all year round and now we’d like to invite you to join us during the prime months of spring and autumn, when the trails are at their best and the weather is perfect for long challenging runs in the mountains.

Whether you want to incorporate a couple of guided runs into your holiday or you want to immerse yourself into a full week of all-inclusive training, we’ve got it all here for you. We can be flexible, so please contact us for a chat if you have any questions.

Trail Coaching

Hit the trails with one of our experienced trail runners, all Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc finishers and experts on the local terrain.

Benefit from invaluable advice on training strategies, learn how to fly down technical descents, conserve energy on steep climbs and manage your nutrition.

Whether you’re here for a full week or just a few days, you’ll discover some of the best trails that Chamonix has to offer. If you’re training for a particular event, our running coaches can give you advice based on their experiences of completing extremely tough races such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Petit Trot de Lyon and more.

Don’t be put off by their pedigree though, this activity is open to everyone! Chamonix has a wealth of terrain from steep rugged trails to rolling riverside paths. Your running coach will assess your ability and take you on sessions that will best suit you, whilst still providing a few challenges to get your teeth into.

If you need any equipment you'll find a large number of outdoor shops in Chamonix stocking all the latest equipment from brands such as Salomon, North Face, Patagonia and more. Please contact us if you would like any advice.

Trail Retreats

Running doesn’t have to be all about aching quads and blistered feet! Check into one of our running retreats and you’ll benefit from yoga sessions, massages, luxury accommodation and fantastic food.

Depending on the accommodation you choose, you could also find yourself unwinding in the sauna or enjoying a post-run beer in the outdoor hot tub whilst watching the sun go down over Mont Blanc.

You'll start the day right with a good breakfast and a gentle yoga session to prepare your body for the day ahead. Your runs will be carefully planned to make sure that you get a good blend of short technical routes and longer endurance outings. Lunch will either be served at the chalet or packed up for you to take on the trails. At the end of the day you can enjoy a delicious and nutritionally balanced evening meal, followed by a relaxing massage that will have you ready to hit the hay feeling great.

We work with a great team of sports professionals and can organise one-to-one fitness assessments, physiotherapy sessions, biomechanical screenings, injury prevention/rehabilitation and much more - just ask and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Contact us for further details regarding the retreats and information of the various chalets on offer. All retreats are tailored to suit the needs of our clients, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Running Events

Ever wanted to do something out of the ordinary? Tackle a new challenge in a different part of the world? Take a look at some of the unique running events that take place in Chamonix every year.

Marathon du Mont Blanc
This weekend is packed full of events and has something for everyone. Endurance runners will find the 80km ultra marathon throws up a few challenges, whilst those who are built for speed can pit themselves against the Vertical KM. There are races for little ones, a 10km and half marathon for beginners and, of course, the classic Marathon du Mont Blanc - 42km of forest trails, alpine meadows, mountain ridges, steep climbs, gnarly descents, stunning views and some of the most amazing supporters you’ll ever meet. The atmosphere is incredible and the whole town turns out to wave, cheer and shout your name as you run past!
Distance: 42km
Positive altitude gain: 2730m
Date: Thursday 22 June to Sunday 25 June 2017

Tour des Fiz
The Tour des Fiz is a stunning course that circles round a large plateau high up in the Fiz mountain range, about 20 minutes drive from Chamonix. There are three options to choose from, all of which follow longer or shorter versions of more or less the same route past shimmering lakes, deep gorges and crashing waterfalls. Fuelling stations are at mountain refuges and are staffed by wonderful locals who hand out drinks and snacks as you pass.
Distance: 61km / 30km /22km
Positive altitude gain: 5000m / 2300m / 1500m
Date: Sunday 30 July 2017

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
A world-famous race that attracts some of the best trail runners on the planet. Nonetheless, there is a great inclusive ambience that welcomes everyone regardless of their experience. The route passes through France, Italy and Switzerland as it makes its way around the base of Mont Blanc. The event is a week-long affair that includes a number of other races such as the CCC (100km), TDS (119km), PTL (300km) and the slightly more manageable OCC (53km). It is worth coming just to watch this incredible race, even if you’re not quite ready to run it!
Distance: 170km
Positive altitude gain: 10,000m
Date: Monday 28 August to Sunday 3 September 2017

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges
Not one of the longest but certainly one of the hardest! The Trail des Aiguilles Rouges changes route each year but is renowned for always including some of the gnarliest ascents and hairiest descents of all the Chamonix races! Criss-crossing the mountain ridges and topping some of the highest peaks in the valley, there is also a shorter version that is an excellent race to aim for if you’re not quite ready for any of the longer ones yet but still want to test yourself on a mountain course.
Distance: 50km / 15km
Positive altitude gain: 4000m / 1200m
Date: Sunday 24 September 2017


As people look for bigger challenges and more exhilarating highs, triathlons get more and more popular. Chamonix is a great base for attempting some of the toughest and most beautiful triathlons around.

Triathlon du Mont Blanc
Put yourself to the test with the magnificent backdrop of Mont Blanc in the background. The three stages all take place around the idyllic location of Lake Passy, where supporters can relax on the beach or take a stroll in the surrounding woods. The grueling course takes you high up into the forest during the cycle stage, where the winding roads look out over breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps. The running stage links two beautiful lakes and, you'll be pleased to hear, is mostly shaded by trees. There are two distances available, Olympic or sprint, either can be done by individuals or as a relay team.
Swim: 1500m / 750m
Cycle: 40km / 20km
Run: 10km / 5km
Date: Friday 25 August to Sunday 27 August 2017

Evergreen Endurance Triathlon
A newcomer to the Chamonix scene, the Evergreen Endurance Triathlon aims to be the world's toughest, most beautiful and most environmentally responsible iron-distance event - their motto is "Hammer the Race, Leave No Trace". Although not an official Ironman™ affiliated event, the 228km race is full iron-distance and just as brutal, finishing with a full mountain marathon. If you can see past the sweat pouring into your eyes you can admire the stunning vistas of Lac Montriond, Megeve and Chamonix as you wend your way through a collection of beautiful Alpine resorts. The 228km race can be done by individuals or as a relay team and there is also a shorter 128km version.
Swim: 4km / 2km
Cycle: 181km / 95km
Run: 43km / 21km
Date: Saturday 9 September to Sunday 10 September 2016

As well as accommodation we can also help you organise transportation of your bike from the airport to Chamonix, or recommend some excellent local shops where you can hire a bike for the duration of your stay. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.