Mont Blanc

Charming, challenging and spine-tingling special, experience Mont Blanc up close and personal with our trips which include helping you achieve a successful summit.

We're so lucky having Mont Blanc right on our doorstep that it's easy to forget that there are so many other iconic mountains within easy driving distance - Gran Paradiso, Matterhorn, Eiger... Chamonix is the perfect base to explore them all.

Climb Mont Blanc - Classic Route

Mont Blanc is a training ground for some of the world's most renowned Alpinists. Yet conquering the 4810m summit is an achievable jewel even in the amateur mountaineer's crown with our experienced guides.

On our trips you’ll get the chance to tackle high altitude conditions, traverse glaciers with crevasses and seracs. And with the weather gods on your side, ascend to the peak of the majestic Mont Blanc. 

Expect to be tested physically and mentally, as you journey through a spectacular lunar landscape of snow and ice, walking in the footsteps of some of the world's most famous mountaineers.

This is an achievable goal for the fit and strong, and will stay in your memory for the rest of your life.

There are few ways to the summit, each with their own special merits:

Standard Route: Do you dream of climbing Mont Blanc? Help ensure a successful summit with our qualified guides. The trip will take a gradual approach on the ascent to optimise your chances. You should attempt this if you already have a considerable background in alpinism. Duration: 2 or 3 days.

3 Mont Blanc Route: Ascend via the less-travelled Cosmique route, which traverses Mont-Blanc Tacul and Mont Maudi. Steep in places, this requires good technical skill and stamina. Duration: 2 days.

Objective Mont Blanc: Ensure your chances of a successful summit with this expertly coached course. Qualified guides will teach you solid climbing skills in the valley first to help build your confidence before you start your ascent. Duration: 5 days - 3 days training, 2 days of climbing.

Climb Mont Blanc 6 days course: You will receive 3 days of essential alpine preparation. During these 3 days you can practice using your ice axe and crampons along with climbing and rope techniques. The following 2 days are reserved for summit attempt. If you don't succeed, there's an option to try again on your 6th and final day of the course.

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Handy hints from Mountain Base
  • Leave your phone at home for a digital detox far more profound than any luxury mind-body retreat. 
  • Take ear plugs. It will ensure you get a good night's sleep in a refuge that can often be full of snorers. 
  • Wear high factor SPF - the sun is extremely powerful at high altitude.
  • Don’t miss your window of opportunity. This trip is only available May - September.

Climb Mont Blanc - Italian Route

Discover an alternative route to the summit of Mont Blanc that takes you from the green valleys of Italy, up through remote mountains and rugged glaciers to the top of the highest peak in the Alps.

The Piton des Italiens route is the perfect challenge for the more traditional alpinist, who craves solitude and wilderness. The climb is more demanding and slightly longer, with more altitude gain and no assistance from lifts - but the reward is empty trails and a greater chance of spotting timid wildlife such as chamois and marmots.

Starting from the beautiful valley of Val Veny, you spend the first day hiking up to the Rifugio Gonella, a remote mountain hut at 3071m. Beautiful views of the surroundings peaks and glaciers can be enjoyed as the sun sets over the mountains.

An early start the next day is necessary to fit in a long and challenging day with a lot of uphill trekking. The final stretch is a tough ascent across snow and ice to reach the summit of Mont Blanc - but what a feeling when you're standing on top of the highest point in the Alps! Looking out over the surrounding peaks of France, Italy and Switzerland is an unforgettable moment, full of emotion.

The descent is via the classic French route, stopping over at the Gouter refuge before returning to Chamonix. The beauty of this itinerary is that you get to experience both sides of Mont Blanc!

Due to the technical and physically challenging nature of the Italian route, this is best suited to experienced mountaineers with a love of authentic alpinism. However, you do not have to be an expert as this 6 day course includes three days of training and acclimatisation to prepare you for your ascent.

You will spend the first three days practising essential skills such as the use of crampons and ice axes with fully qualified mountain guides. As well as improving your chances of a successful summit, it is also an excellent opportunity to explore the mountains and glaciers of the Chamonix valley, before venturing through the Mont Blanc tunnel into Italy.

Handy Hints from Mountain Base
  • Build up your fitness levels as much as possible before your trip. The fitter you are, the better chance you stand of a successful summit.
  • Invest in a good camera, you'll want to capture this moment for posterity!

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