Air Adventures

A floating cloud or a soaring eagle? Whichever you prefer, you can experience it with our air adventures in helicopter, balloon or parapente.


Soar like an eagle on one of our incredible tandem paragliding flights, the thrill of being lifted by the rock-warmed thermals matched by the awe-inspiring views of Mont Blanc and the summer green valleys below.

After a short running take off, you and your pilot will be lifted free from the earth, and the real magic begins. Comfortably seated in the harness, you can take photos and experience swooping around the majestic mountains like a bird on the wind.

If you’re feeling brave, you can even take the controls and fly too. That’s something to tell your friends when you get home!
All our instructors are French Government qualified, speak English and have a minimum of seven years flying experience in the Chamonix valley. 

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Handy hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • Don’t forget your camera – you can even snap away mid flight
  • Great for the young and old - children can fly too

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballooning in one of the extreme sports capitals of the world? You’d better believe it, this is simply breathtaking.

Taking off as night releases its grip on the day, you will drift silently up and over some of the most spectacular alpine scenery on the planet. Follow in the steps of Jules Vern as the wind carries you effortlessly away over the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland. 

The activity does run all year round (weather conditions dependent) and starts in Praz sur Arly down the Chamonix Valley. The meeting point is early in the morning (between 7.30am - 9.30am depending on the season) from Praz sur Arly (near Megève) and the flight time is around 1.5hours from 280euros per person.  The adventure lasts about half a day (about 4hrs) and includes the preparation + inflating of the balloon and Champagne on landing!

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Handy hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • We’d suggest a video camera for this one!
  • Praz-Sur-Arly is approximately 45 minutes from Chamonix, we recommend hiring a car for the day to ensure that you make your flight on time. You can then make a day of it and visit the surrounding resorts of Megeve, Saint-Gervais or Les Contamines on the way back. Alternatively, we can book a minibus for you on request. Please contact us for travel advice.


From 280€ per person
Flight time:

Helicopter Flight

Race up the glacier. Soar above the valley. See Chamonix in a way you never dreamed possible.

You might be surprised to know that a dream flight in a helicopter is much more accessible than you think. There’s little to compare the experience of embracing the jaw-dropping magnificence of Chamonix than from the seat of a helicopter as you traverse a glacier or hover metres from huge vertical cliff faces.

We offer a number of flight options:
  • Circuit of the Aiguille Vert - a 10 minute panoramic flight that circles round a magnificent pinnacle of ice and rock at the dizzying height of 4122m (13524ft), cruising past the breath taking views of the north face of the Drus.
    View the flight path
  • North Face of the Grandes Jorasses - a 15 minute tour of one of the most mythical peaks of the Alps, Les Grandes Jorasses at 4203m (13790ft)
    View the flight path
  • Mont Blanc Summit - a 20 minute journey to the summit of the highest mountain in the Alps. At 4807m (15770ft) you will have incredible views of the legendary glacier and beyond into the mountain ranges of Italy and Switzerland.
    View the flight path
  • Mont Blanc Massif - a 30 minute opportunity to view Mont Blanc in all her glory as you circle round the most famous mountain range in Europe, soaring past peaks of over 4000m (13123m)
    View the flight path
So stop dreaming: make it a reality with Mountain Lifestyle!

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Handy hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • Buy or borrow a Go-Pro for this one
  • At the very least, don’t forget your camera

Prices (per person):
Aiguille Vert 10 mins                     80€ 
Grandes Jorasses 15 mins 105€ 
Mont Blanc Summit 20 mins 160€ 
Mont Blanc Massif 30 mins 215€ 
Prices are based on group sizes of 6 people

The heliport is based in Argentiere, a 15 minute drive from Chamonix and easily accessible by bus or train.

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Sky Diving

For the ultimate adrenaline thrill, launch yourself from a helicopter 5000m above the Chamonix Valley - that's higher than the summit of Mont Blanc.

Your adventure will start with a 15 minute flight around the majestic peaks of Les Drus, the Aiguille du Midi and over the Mer de Glace. When the conditions are just right you'll be given the signal to jump and then, strapped to a skydive pilot, you'll feel the wind rushing past your ears as you launch yourself into the sky.

Experience 3500m of freefall as you plummet past some of the highest peaks in Europe before deploying your parachute to drift back down over the glaciers to terra firma.

Handy Hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • Don't forget to smile, your flight includes a video of your jump!
  • Kids can jump too - as long as they are over 12 years old and big enough to fit securely into the harness
  • Weight restriction of maximum 90kg applies

Bungee Jump

Fly like a bird, swing like an ape in this new adventure activity, pendulum swinging.

Attached to a rope, you’ll stand on the side of a bridge before throwing yourself into space and freefalling in a dizzying, life affirming leap.

Unlike bungee jumping there is no yo-yo effect. Instead, you'll find yourself cradled as you fly backwards and forwards beneath the bridge as if you are on a giant swing. 

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Handy hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • You will be wearing a harness so wear comfortable clothes and a top with covered shoulders. 
  • Take some water. It will help relieve the dry mouth feeling that you might experience when you see the drop for the first time.

book a pendulum jump
Single - 80€ per person
Tandem - 150€ per couple
Reduced prices for 2nd and 3rd jumps


Thanks to its exceptional geographical location between Italy and Switzerland, Chamonix is a major centre for heliskiing.

Escape the crowds, discover inaccessible valleys and experience the exhilaration of landing in a helicopter where there’s nothing but bottomless powder as far as the eye can see, just aching for you and your friends to rip up.

Various drops are available in Italy and Switzerland. Heliskiing is not permitted in France.

We don’t want to state the obvious but this is a once in a lifetime experience (but of course we don’t mind if you rebook.)

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Handy hints from Mountain Lifestyle
  • Buy or borrow a Go-Pro for this one
  • Transport to your take-off point is included in the price

Air Adventures