Weather Forecast

Glorious sunshine, fresh powder, spring slush, blue skies - whatever the weather brings, you want to know before you arrive what to expect.

Keep an eye on our daily weather reports so that you know whether to pack bikinis or thermals for your holiday.

Daily Weather Report

Want to know what the weather in Chamonix is going to be like this week? Here's the next 7 days at a glance and with pretty pictures!

You can also check the Chamonix 5 Day Weather Forecast - updated daily and giving fairly accurate information for the next 5 days, it is the weather report that we rely on here in the valley.

10 Day Weather Forecast

Casting a little further into the future, this 10 day weather forecast allows you to click on each day for more detailed information.

Tab across to the right to access weather forecasts for as much as 10 days ahead, with detailed information letting you see what is predicted for each morning, afternoon, evening and night. Perfect for planning which mornings it is worth setting the alarm clock for!

BBC Europe Weather Forecast

A handy weather round-up from the Beeb, giving us up-to-date information on what weather systems are moving in across Europe and how they'll affect the most popular resorts.

This isn't Chamonix-specific but it gives an interesting overview on what weather patterns are passing across Europe.

Road Conditions

Chamonix is one of the Alp's most accessible ski resorts with well-maintained roads leading all the way from Geneva airport into the town.

A sudden dump of snow or extreme cold snap can quickly throw a spanner in the works though, especially if you're not accustomed to Alpine weather conditions.

Stay safe and keep an eye on the state of the roads before you set off. Mountain passes such as the Col des Montets often close overnight until the risk of avalanche has passed, so it's always worth checking if you're driving between Chamonix and Le Tour.

You'll also need to make sure that your car is fitted with winter tyres and has snow chains. Click on the following tab for essential advice on driving in the Alps.

Bison Futé - official road conditions for all across France, they also have a mobile version so that you can check the latest updates from wherever you are.
Chamonix Tourist Office - real time road conditions & Mont Blanc tunnel information.
Via Michelin - road closures & slow-moving traffic (just type "Chamonix" or whichever region you want into the text box and it'll bring up a traffic map).
Mont Blanc Tunnel Webcam - see for yourself if there are queues to get through the tunnel into Italy.

Viaduc des Egratz, approach road to Chamonix

Driving in the Alps

Driving on the other side of the road is one thing, but what about handling a car on icy roads or navigating your route in a snow storm?

The AA has released a handy guide to driving in ski resorts, please click on the link to right to read it. Here are a few of the essentials that you should be aware of before setting out:
  • Winter tyres - most hire cars will already be fitted with winter tyres, especially if they are destined to be driven to a ski resort. Double check at time of booking that this is the case. If you are bringing your own car then make sure you take them to a garage before you arrive and have the tyres changed - they are vital and snow chains should never be used as a replacement. If you get stopped by the police then they may refuse to let you continue if they deem your tyres to be insufficient for the weather conditions.
  • Snow chains - there are lots of different types of snow chains out there. If you are hiring a car then they will probably be included, check this at time of booking and find out which kind so that you can find out how to use them. If you are bringing your own car then have a practise at putting them on before you set off. You'll find it  much easier on the driveway in daylight than at the side of a snowy road at night!
  • Breakdown Kit - French law requires all cars to carry a high visibility jacket, a red reflective triangle, a breathalyzer and spare headlight bulbs . If you are hiring a car then all this will be included. If you are bringing your own car then you will need to buy these things before you leave, as well as a GB sticker and headlight converters. Not carrying them is against the law and you can be fined.
  • Emergency numbers - make sure that your insurance includes international breakdown cover and have the emergency number handy in case you need it.
  • Radio stations - real time traffic information can be accessed on this radio station - admittedly it is only useful if you speak French but they may give you a little heads-up if you can recognise words such as "bouchon" (traffic jam) and "travaux" (roadworks)! The Tunnel du Mont Blanc has its own radio station that you can switch to while you are inside the tunnel, look out for signs telling you which frequency to tune in to.
  • Deer / animals - it might seem unlikely but deer and other wild animals can often be spotted at the sides of and occasionally even on the roads! Keep an eye out for them at dusk and during periods of poor visibility, especially where there is forest or grass nearby.